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At Royal Guest House 2 Hammersmith, we have designed a complete guide to help you while you are in London. Write down our recommendations and make the most of your trip to the capital.



Musicals, shops, tourist attractions, artistic tours? London will give you a great surprise, so enjoy your stay and visit any corner in the city.

Remember you cannot leave the city without having tasted the fish and chips and drunk a cup of tea at 5 pm. Where? There are several types of restaurants offering valuable prices. Therefore, you will be able to choose the best establishments according to your preferences.

If you prefer going out to spend some pounds in London shops, do not forget to go for a walk on Oxford Street or Covent Garden, although the most important shopping centre is Harrods, located on Brompton Road, Knightsbridge, very close to Hyde Park. Only a few metres from the hotel, you can also visit Westfield London, the largest shopping centre in the capital.



We have included the top five attractions in the city, so that you do not finish your stay without having visited them.

1. The worldwide-known British Museum, where representative artwork is shown from prehistory times to nowadays.
2. The London Eye, one of the biggest and most impressive wheels in the world that tourists gaze at with looks of amazements. Are you going to miss it? 3. The Tower of London, the crown's gem, has more than 900 years of history and has been used as royal palace, prison, execution area, storehouse, jewel's storage and even a zoo.
4. Buckingham Palace, one of the few royal palaces that is working nowadays. Located in Westminster, the palace holds state events and royal hospitality receptions.
5. Hyde Park: walk along the green garden and relax comfortably among the natural environment of this park. Forget about being stressed.


If you are thinking about travelling to London, one of the most important cities all over the world, you should bear in mind some information:

- English currency is the pound sterling (£). Therefore, you can to exchange the money you want to use at your arrival, just in case your currency is different from the British one.
- Remember that the plugs and sockets in London have three-pins, so you will have to purchase an adapter for your devices.
- Do you need a visa? Before travelling to London, be sure you only need your ID or passport to enter the country. In case you have to ask for a visa, do it in advance.


A big city like London offers different ways of transportation to visit the attractions and monuments: on foot, by public transportation, by car, by bike...

We strongly recommend you to purchase a Visitor Oyster Card, the best way to have access to public transportation in London. These cards can be bought and reloaded once you arrive at the city. Then, you can start using the bus, the underground, etc. You can also move comfortably by bike or on foot along London, without having to use a different option.

Download the underground map on this link and start visiting every corner.